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A fan sent his favorite pair of shoes to Madame Marissa - he kept it as a reminder of his ex-wife and it's precious to him. Now his mistress will ruin the shoes! Marissa brought her friend Madison to help her ruin the shoes and as soon as the shoes are placed on the leather stool both girls start to spit all over them. The shoes get covered in their divine spit inside and outside. The only question that remains - are the shoes now worth more or less?!

A fan has sent the tall and sexy Madame Marissa a box full of boots as a gift. She found them to be extremely ugly, and we all know what happens to things Marissa does not like, they end up crushed and ruined beneath her feet, or massive wheels of her powerful van. The box of boots will meet their demise this time under her massive 3 ton Mercedes van. She empties the unworthy boots on the dirty ground and begins walking on them, getting them ready for the real destruction to come. Marissa climbs into her van and begins to crush them to oblivion beneath her massive tires. Mashing down on the gas pedal with her booted foot, she spins her wheels on top of the worthless ugly boots, doing spin outs, grinding them to oblivion, the transfer of power from the sole of her boot to the van's gas pedal is just to overwhelming for the fans ugly boots, next time he will try harder to please her.

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