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Madame Marissa is a clean freak and when she came home today, she suspected her house was not cleaned to her liking. So she walked barefoot and she also used her white socks. She was pissed to find out that he had not done what they had agreed and she punished him with the now dirty socks and feet. She made sure he was so humiliated that he would not repeat it.

Madame Marissa does not like to get angry. She chooses to get even because she does not want to give power to those who piss her off. She used her foot fetish to dominate and teach this loser a lesson today. She punished him and laughed as he cried and begged her for mercy. She did not let him get away with it and by the end of it, she knew he would change.

Madame Marissa asked her friend to try trampling fetish. Her friend had never humiliated a slave or a loser so she was not sure what to expect. But as they crushed madame Marissa's slave using their bare feet, she had a lot of fun and she loved it. She loved it so much that she got her own slave and she invited madame Marissa to go and torture him for a change.

Madame Marissa was blocked on the road by this loser and his small car. She was pissed because she was in a hurry. She got off her car and she pulled the loser out of his vehicle and she punished him for blocking her. She used her dirty boots to punish him and the poor guy had no choice but to lick her boots and apologize for blocking her before she allowed him to go.

Madame Marissa wanted to test her slave's pain threshold. She wanted to find out how much pain he could take so that she knew how to punish him whenever he messed up. So the mistress chose to dominate and to degrade him which she did with ease and with a lot of enjoyment. The mistress loved what she did to him and she jumped on him as well as stomped on him not caring how he felt.

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