Marissa's Fetish Clips - Madame Marissa's hot fetish & femdom clips - Page 13

Madame Marissa used her smelly foot to dominate this loser. She did not care that he had not done anything to deserve the punishment. All that mattered to her was that she had fun at his expense and that is what she did. He cried but she turned a deaf ear to his cries and went on trampling him and making him lick the soles of her feet as well as those of her boots.

Madame Marissa wanted to test her slave's pain threshold. She wanted to find out how much pain he could take so that she knew how to punish him whenever he messed up. So the mistress chose to dominate and to degrade him which she did with ease and with a lot of enjoyment. The mistress loved what she did to him and she jumped on him as well as stomped on him not caring how he felt.

Madame Marissa came home and found her slave lazying around. She got pissed and she dominated him for fun. She took a boot and she read it as she got him to lick her socks. Her socks were smelly and stinky but she did not care. All she wanted was for them to be licked. The mistress also used them to choke her slave before she was done with him.

Madame Marissa does not like Christmas stuff so when she found tiny candy Santas, she did not have any use for them and she crushed them for fun. She destroyed them and she laughed at the mess she had created. She did not care about what happened to them since she was not a fan of them, to begin with. She then went her way when she was done crushing them.

Madame Marissa caught this loser messing with her things and she was not happy about it. She chose to dominate him and teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. She did this by pouring milk in her boots and walking in the boots for some time and then making him drink the milk. The loser was degraded but he could not do anything except drink the milk.

Madame Marissa and her friend were starving when they got home. They knew their slave would have prepared food but he had not. They could not believe it and they trampled him as punishment for it. He was forced to endure their trampling and humiliation. There was nothing he was going to do about it but he promised to make it up to them by cooking a great meal for them.

Madame Marissa was not pleased with what she had learned about her slave. She used her socks to deal with him. She forced him to smell her socks and she choked him using the same socks. He was shocked at what she did to him and she punished him for it. She turned him into her footrest when she was done punishing him and she read a book while he was in that position.

Madame Marissa used her boots to send this loser a message. She was angry at him and to express her anger, she stomped on him using those same boots. She crushed his crotch as well as his chest and head. She laughed at him and she made sure he learned the lesson she wanted him to learn. She laughed at him and by the time she was done with him, she knew he would not repeat the mistake.

Madame Marissa came home and she checked out the house to find out whether her slave had cleaned it like they had agreed. She found out he had but not as well as she had hoped he would. She called him and she used her flip flops to punish him. She made him lick the flip flops until they were clean. She did it humiliatingly so that he would not forget and do a half-decent job next time.

Marissa wrapped this slave's upper body in bubble wrap - and then forces him to lie down next to her sexy high heel boots. Next she starts trampling him brutally and tries to crush the bubbles with the thin heels of her boots. Although she hurts the slave immensely - the idea doesn't work as good as she thought and she decides to rip off the bubble wrap and then continues to trample the bare skin of the slave!

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